Feline Diseases & Afflictions

Diseases are very common in cat colonies. Feline viral herpes, upper respiratory infections(URI), feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus/feline “AIDS” (FIV) are common.

  • FIV is spread by saliva-blood contact. Naturally, tomcats are most often the culprit for spreading this because of their hormonal drive to fight. Neutering these cats usually prevents fighting due to the large decrease in hormones, therefore reducing the spread of this fatal disease.
  • FeLV is spread between cats more easily than FIV, and it is not necessary to have saliva-blood contact. If cats are sterilized and don’t have a need to roam, they will prevent the disease from spreading to other cats if they are infected.
  • Feline viral herpes and URIs take a heavy toll on especially kittens. Herpes can commonly cause glaucoma and blind kittens, and URIs are responsible for an overall sick, weak kitten that is susceptible to many other diseases (like FeLV, herpes, etc)